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An Overview Of The Bible

Online Bible Course




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Lesson 1 - The Three Bible Ages

Lesson 2 - The Patriarchal Age

Lesson 3 - The Mosaic Age

Lesson 4 - The Establishment Of God's Kingdom

Lesson 5 - The Christian Age

Lesson 6 - The New Testament Church


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This is a series of six lesson that are designed to give a brief over of the Bible. They are for anyone who wishes to have a greater and coherent knowledge of the Bible. While the reader is not assumed to have an extensive knowledge of the Bible, some rudimentary awareness is presumed.

Lessons one, two, and five give an overview of the three Bible ages: the Patriarchal Age, the Mosaic Age, and the Christian Age. Lesson four concerns the establishment of the Kingdom of God and serves as a bridge between the Old and New Testaments. Lesson six examines those things which pertain to the New Testament church: its organization, work, and worship.